Advanced Radiation Technology

Compass Cancer Center is committed to providing the highest quality cancer care. We are the only center in the mid-Michigan area offering advanced radiation therapy with the Elekta Infinity™ system – a faster, safer, more precise way to deliver radiation treatments.

Our advanced technology enables your doctor to target your treatment more precisely than ever before, helping minimize side effects and reducing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Elekta Infinity reduces treatment session time to five minutes or less, improving your comfort and minimizing disruption to your normal activities.

Safer treatments

Elekta Infinity offers ultra-low dose capabilities. It actively reduces radiation leakage to minimize unnecessary radiation to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Accurate imaging, precise targeting

Compass Cancer Center is the first cancer treatment center in mid-Michigan providing three-dimensional (3D) imaging at the time of treatment. This creates a more accurate image of the treatment area, allowing more precise targeting and minimizing the side effects of radiation therapy.