The region’s most advanced radiation therapy is here

Patients from throughout mid-Michigan now have access to the region’s most advanced  cancer radiation therapy, thanks to technology available at the Compass Cancer Center.

In the mid-Michigan region, only the Compass Cancer Center provides treatment with the state-of-the-art Elekta InfinityTM radiation treatment system, which offers safer and more accurate treatment. Sophisticated computer programming allows clinicians using Elekta Infinity to create a dose that conforms very tightly to the cancer area, and deliver it in significantly less time than with conventional techniques. This reduces the toxicity, and thus many of the side effects, associated with radiation treatments. In addition, this technology offers the ability to treat cancers more aggressively than ever before, allowing Compass Cancer Center to treat some cancer cases previously deemed untreatable.

In bringing this new technology to the East Lansing center, the Compass Health Care team is committed to providing the highest level of cancer care to those in need. “The Compass Cancer Center will address the unmet need within our community and region to provide high-quality, state-of-the-art, patient-focused outpatient cancer treatment services. Currently the only option for our patients is to have those treatments in a hospital setting,” stated Dr. Christopher Abood, one of the founders of Compass Health Care. “This new technology will provide the highest quality of care while focusing on the comfort of our patients.”