Why Compass?

Compass Cancer Center’s state-of-the-art Elekta InfinityTM is a highly-sophisticated linear accelerator. Clinicians can deliver treatments with Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) – a significant improvement over  conventional radiation therapy techniques and a faster alternative to helical tomotherapy.

With Elekta’s VMAT technology, the target is continuously irradiated while the source of the beam is rotated around the patient in single or multiple arcs. Elekta Infinity has the ability to perform VMAT with multiple arcs, offering clinicians the ability to choose single or multiple arcs depending upon the desired dose distribution.

Elekta Infinity offers clinicians the ability to dynamically control multiple treatment parameters while the beam is on and rotating. The system achieves helical-like target coverage that enables better sparing of surrounding healthy tissue.

Faster treatments

By simultaneously controlling gantry position, gantry speed, leaves of the multi-leaf collimator (MLC), collimator angle and dose rate, a highly conformal dose distribution is created in significantly less time than with traditional techniques. With Elekta Infinity’sTM VMAT technology, a treatment session can typically be conducted in five minutes or less, including true 3D imaging at the time and place of treatment.

3D imaging

The integrated 3D visualization capabilities of Elekta Infinity result in unmatched clinical confidence, enabling more aggressive treatment of tumors while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. With Elekta 3D VolumeView™ imaging, clinicians can routinely confirm target and organ-at-risk positions immediately before treatment. This allows confirmation of size, shape and position of the target volume compared to plan, as well as the position of critical adjacent structures.

As a result, Elekta Infinity delivers more radiation to the target while sparing healthy tissue, in significantly less time. Faster treatment times support improved patient comfort, which makes it easier for the patient to remain still during treatment and increases the likelihood of delivering radiation more accurately and safely.

Improving patient safety

Elekta Infinity incorporates a third-generation, fully digital control system that offers proven performance and safety. The system’s ultra-low dose capabilities through active leakage reduction enable minimal dose to critical structures, and Elekta Infinity incorporates real-time assurance that the intended dose is delivered as precisely as it was planned.

Elekta Infinity combines true three-dimensional (3D) image guidance at the time of treatment with highly conformal beam shaping and robotic 6D sub-millimeter patient positioning to deliver fast, efficient and accurate treatment. All treatment processes from planning to delivery are controlled from a single workstation supported by an electronic medical record (EMR) centered workflow.

Real-time visualization

Elekta’s suite of imaging tools was developed to address the need to visualize internal structures at the time of the treatment in order to reduce geometric uncertainties. The ability to image at the point of treatment and in the treatment position reduces issues relating to organ movement and inspires the clinical confidence to pursue highly precise delivery.

Using Elekta Infinity, clinicians can visualize soft tissue detail in any area of the body. This unique functionality offers two potential benefits:

  1. The ability to minimize side effects of radiation therapy by reducing the margins previously set to account for uncertainties of target dimensions, location and movement
  2. The potential to adopt dose escalation and hypofractionation regimes with the confidence that a 3D plan will be delivered as an accurately targeted 3D treatment

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