Compass Cancer Center Announces the Addition of Electronic Brachytherapy Capabilities to Its Arsenal of Technology Driven Tools to Fight Skin Cancer

East Lansing, Michigan – July 28, 2015 – The Compass Cancer Center announced today that it has added a potent new tool to its arsenal of capabilities to fight skin cancer for its patients. This tool is state- of –the- art Esteya Electronic Brachytherapy (bray-kee-THER-eh-pee) treatment, a patient-friendly solution for treating skin cancers via a nonsurgical treatment option. This treatment destroys cancer cells while sparing healthy surrounding tissue. There is no recovery downtime for the patient—which means minimal impact on his or her daily activities.


Skin cancer commonly occurs on sun-exposed areas—such as one’s face, hands, legs, or scalp—where post-surgery scars are undesirable. If diagnosed with skin cancer, patients should ask their dermatologist if they are a candidate for Esteya Electronic Brachytherapy, the non-invasive option for treating skin cancer. How does it work?


The Esteya system brings a small x-ray source very close to your cancer lesion. Rather than surgically cutting tissue away, high dose rate (HDR) radiation is precisely focused at the cancerous tissue to destroy it. Treatment requires just a few brief visits and offers a gentler alternative to surgery. Skin cancer treatment requires an individualized approach. Compass Cancer Center Physicians will recommend a course of treatment and therapeutic modality based on the patient’s general health, age, medical history and the type, size and location of the cancer. Especially for patients whose skin cancer lesions occur in highly visible areas, Esteya offers a new option that can add to excellent cosmetic and clinical results. The Esteya treatment is determined by and performed in collaboration with the patient’s dermatologist. Esteya, designed by the global leader in brachytherapy, allows the treatment to be focused directly at the cancerous lesion without damaging surrounding tissue. Esteya is designed to enable safe and effective treatment of a variety of body surfaces and challenging areas—such as around the eyes or on the nose or ear. Built-in technology protects the patient’s safety while optimizing treatment outcomes. Common side effects of radiation therapy may include temporary redness, dryness, itching or soreness in the treated area.


Compass Chief Operating Officer, David Corteville stated, “The team at Compass is committed to assembling  the finest people, technology, patient-friendly processes, facilities and data so that we can state emphatically that patient care will be first rate in every aspect. This is the formula for positive treatment outcomes. The addition of the Esteya Electronic Brachytherapy treatment for our patients with skin cancer is one more tool in our arsenal to provide the latest in patient friendly, effective care. This technology is precise, comfortable for patients, non-invasive and takes just a few minutes per session typically over six to eight sessions.”


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