Before learning more about Compass Health and the Compass Cancer Center it is important to understand that our mission and vision are at the heart of everything we do.  We will:

• Deliver the latest medical advances to our patients with compassion and respect

• Raise the standard of cancer care in our region

• Participate in programs to foster new knowledge that helps not only cure cancer in patients today, but help to prevent it in generations to come

• Address the impact of cancer on the residents of mid-Michigan through compassionate care, outreach and prevention programs.

The Compass Cancer Center was founded by leaders in the mid-Michigan physician community to promote a seamless integration between patient care, education, and community outreach. These physician leaders are your doctors in the community. Everything about the center was designed so that patients who come to us for their care enjoy the comforts of home in a first-class cancer center.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art cancer therapies, the Compass Cancer Center offers psychosocial support and integrative medicine services to help patients and their families manage the emotional and physical symptoms that may arise during cancer treatment. Through this approach, we care for the whole person, not just the disease.

Through cancer screenings, and special programs for the residents of mid-Michigan, the Compass Cancer Center also educates the many communities we serve and ensures that highly advanced cancer care and education are available. Ultimately, we endeavor to become the region’s preeminent radiation center and cancer care resource.

I hope as you visit this Website and learn more about the Compass Cancer Center, you will get a sense of the optimism and enthusiasm we at the center share. When you come to us for your care, you can feel confident, comforted, and assured that you are getting the best care available, at a center dedicated to eradicating the burden of cancer. You, our patient, are the center of our focus, our mission and our vision.