No one wants to have cancer

No one wants to have cancer. But if you do and you require radiation, I cannot imagine anywhere better than Compass Health. As a patient I have been treated courteously and professionally.

After the first week

After the first week my question was- How was it possible to have a staff (all of them) that were so caring, compassionate, so great?

Staff eased my fear

I was fearful when I started and your staff eased my fear and everything was really great throughout my treatment. Thanks.

The fear factor was removed

Your kind and caring approach to patient care took what is normally very scary and made it like there is always hope. The fear factor was removed.

All of the staff was kind and professional

All of the staff was kind and professional. I really felt like I was important to them. Brian was a delight to work with. He was so kind and pleasant. I had complete trust in him. Thanks Brian!